What Is A Wall Mounted Air Conditioner?

Posted on: March 28, 2022

A wall mounted air conditioner, not to be confused with a mini split system or ductless mini split system, is an easy, efficient, and convenient way to get cooled air in your home or business without the expense or hassle of adding ductwork.

Wall mounted packaged air conditioning units are ideal for portable buildings such as job trailers, portable classrooms, or prefabricated utility buildings for pump stations and cell phone shelters where a duct system is not practical and there’s available space on an exterior wall. If this sounds like your situation, wall mount package AC units may be an ideal use case.

Eubank Can Replace Marvair Air Conditioning Units

Did you know that Eubank and Marvair units are interchangeable? In 2017, Eubank Wallmount joined the Marvair family of products. Eubank and Marvair HVAC units bear a very close resemblance to each other…in fact, a discerning eye might only notice the sticker is different between the two, making ordering, replacement, and maintenance a simple process. Kühl Ridge, an authorized distributor of both Marvair and Eubank products, helps clarify how each brand can be utilized in your industrial HVAC system applications.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners from Eubank

Marvair’s wall mounted air conditioners play an important role in the operations of many industries. Choosing a wall mounted ac unit is simple, select your unit by the voltage, size, efficiency, and access style. These air conditioning units operate in modular offices, school classrooms, electronic equipment communication shelters, and various commercial and industrial settings. All Eubank wall air conditioning units are made with excellent engineering, as each unit features a signature vertical design. Since 1943, the Marvair family has grown into a global leader in the HVAC market and has built a solid reputation for building innovative, high-quality products.

Eubank and Marvair HVAC Units

Eubank air conditioner products are renowned for exceptional quality. The brand’s wall mounted air conditioner heater combo units are based on its stellar Quality Control Checkpoints (QCC) from start to finish. Each unit undergoes five independent QCCs to ensure that your unit is in prime condition for immediate installation in your facility.

Eubank and Marvair wall mounted AC units are virtually identical in operation and product. The supply and return openings match up from product to product, making exchanges and repairs simple. Because Eubank and Marvair are produced in the same factory, by the same people with the same components we can help you find parts for either one. You can easily order Eubank parts for a Marvair unit. Cut your wait time and order one branded part to repair the unit of another brand, adding value and convenience to your operations.

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Both Marvair and Eubank industrial ac units are superior in quality, performance, and have the capability of replacing one part with another. The supply and return openings for each one are identical ton for ton, making them compatible with one another. 

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