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Kühl Ridge Distribution is a Nationwide Authorized Distributor of Eubank and Marvair Replacement Equipment and Parts.
Find the right replacement for your Marvair unit, or configure a brand new Eubank unit below.

Marvair and Eubank Service Parts

MarvAir Parts
Example "AVPA60ACA050"


HVAC Service Parts

Protect your investment in your Marvair or Eubank heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) system. We stock only genuine Marvair parts and Eubank parts, equipment, and commercial or residential HVAC systems. Whether you have a wall-mounted air conditioner, industrial air conditioner, industrial equipment parts, or need an industrial equipment replacement, we have the parts you are looking for that match your standard or customized HVAC system.

Kühl Ridge is your first-in-class authorized dealer and distributor for Eubank and Marvair heating, ventilation, replacement parts, and equipment. We service nationwide! You can choose the specified replacement part for your Marvair HVAC unit, or you may decide it is time to invest in a customized, brand-new Eubank unit.

Trust in the best. We will do the rest!

Our HVAC professionals at Kühl Ridge are unmatched in their knowledge and expertise in the HVAC industry, and we pride ourselves on offering great customer service to you. Our high-quality brands are just part of the standard of excellence that you can expect when it comes to our commitment to you. And because we know you want the maximum from your heating, ventilation, and cooling system, we also make delivery easy for your Marvair replacement parts and brand-new Eubank HVAC systems.

Replacing HVAC parts or systems can be time-consuming and expensive. But it does not have to be. Contact a member of our professional customer service team. Our experts are exceptional in finding you the perfect heating, ventilation, and cooling system that is energy-efficient and budget-friendly for your needs.

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